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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  February 4, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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days of important games because they're the only ones where i feel less emotional than other people. [applause] greg: all right. thanks to staff sergeant joey joe, david angelo, captives in 12:00 and 4:00 eastern. arthel: julie is up next with fox report. julie: president trump claiming republican author documents on the russia investigation have delivered total vindication. democrats calling it a dud. i'm julie banderas, you are watching the fox report. memo mania sweeping across washington a day after president trump declassified a controversial take on the fbi's russia probe by house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes, a former member of the president's transition team. now, the memo accuses the feds of basing its investigation into russian meddling on the unverified antitrump dossier and abusing its surveillance powers to go after former trump aide carter page. the president suggesting the memo absolves his campaign of
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any wrongdoing. but the ranking democrat on the committee adam schiff begs to differ and he tweets: quite the opposite mr. president the most important fact disclosed in this otherwise shoddy memo was that fbi investigation began july 2016 with your advisor papadopoulos who was secretly discussing stolen clinton e-mails with the russians. meanwhile, the man behind the memo nunes is speaking out saying the document show the justice department is in need of a makeover. >> i personally like rod rosenstein, but look, the bottom line here is mr. rosenstein, mr. sessions, attorney general sessions and director wray have work to do. and they can't start doing their work to root out the problems if you don't admit first you have a problem and they have been unwilling to do that. julie: all this unfolding with a another showdown brewing on capitol hill. this one over immigration. border security and the use of your tax dollars. congress is up against a fast approaching deadline to pass a
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spending bill or risk yet another government shutdown. we have fox team coverage for you on all of this tonight. ellison barber has the latest on the funding battle, but we begin with phil keeting who is not far from the president's palm beach resort. he is joining us from florida. hi, phil. >> good evening, julie. the saturday sun has now set on the trump winter white house, also known as the mar-a-lago property on palm beach island. president trump did spend about five hours nearby at the trump international golf club today before returning back to mar-a-lago where he has been for the past four hours along with first lady melania and their son. as has become standard along southern boulevard here in palm beach county which connects the mansion with the golf club, a couple dozens supporters line the shoulder catching a glance of the president's motorcade and holding up signs like investigate the fbi and we love trump. the fbi sign references friday's controversial memo release by
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republicans in charge of the house intelligence committee. the memo's authors say it shows the fbi and justice department bized their power with -- abused their power with surveillance warrant ts on trump campaign advisors. democrats condemn the charged memo is distorted and misleading and will push to release their own ten-page memo next week. on the way to the golf club this morning, trump tweeted this assessment, quote, this memo totally vindicates trump in probe but the russian witch hunt goes on and on. there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. the word now used because after one year of looking endlessly and finding nothing, collusion is dead. this is an american disgrace. air force one landed at west palm beach international just before 7:00 p.m. last night. traveling this super bowl weekend of course with first lady and son. they are all expected to remain in palm beach for most of the day tomorrow, which may include some, if not most or all of the big super bowl.
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and the washington post is now reporting in the past hour that the white house is planning to withdraw its controversial nominee to head the council on environmental quality. she did not perform very well during her senate confirmation hearings basically disputing and contradicting established global science as to the causes of global warming and the contribution by humans to it. even the federal government's own findings completely contradict some of her comments. so washington post again reporting that her nomination will be withdrawn. that's the latest from the winter white house here in palm beach county, julie, back to you. julie: phil keating, thank you very much. and congress now just five days away from that big deadline to prevent another government shutdown, march 5th. lawmakers have already passed four short-term spending bills just this fiscal year alone and further complicating things in fact because the march 5th cut
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off to find a solution for daca is around the corner. the back-to-back deadlines is putting a tough spot for lawmakers who now have to act quickly. listen. >> the problem that fundamental to this whole issue is the republican leadership has not been able to put together a spending plan for the year. >> if you were to say hey we promise to build a wall, if you do an amnesty for daca, well i think a lot of guys like me would say what guarantee do we have that wall is ever going to be built? julie: ellison barber has the latest from washington for us tonight. >> sources tell fox news republicans are looking at a short-term bill that funds the government through march 23rd but lawmakers have not reached an agreement yet. even the republican party there are disagreements. defense hawks don't want another short-term bill they say it hurts military readiness. >> the secretaries were very clear and direct about the imperative of getting a budget agreement in place so that we
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have no -- we can end the series of cr's and threats of shutdown. this budget dysfunction has a human cost, and our military is bearing the brunt of it. julie: democrats blame republicans for the dysfunction. republicans blame adam -- blame democrats over the dysfunction. but democrats say the disagreement isn't about immigration alone. >> if there never were one dreamer in the world and thank god there are many, we still have a problem. if you want to increase the defense spending, we're not octob octobering to that. you cannot increase defense and bleed the domestic budget and think we will be a strong nation.
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>> budget caps limit how much congress can spend on military and domestic programs. on wednesday house speaker ryan said he thought they were making some progress on a cap agreement, senate minority leader said discussion on the cals deal is going very well -- on the caps deal is going very well. seems like pelosi isn't there just yet. republican leaders say they are sure there will not be a shutdown this week. julie? julie: ellison barber, thank you very much. for more on this now, we're bringing in deputy news editor. thank you very much for talking to us. >> thank you. julie: the memo itself obviously as you point out leaves a lot of questions unanswered. basically one of them is, you know, was there any inaccurate information provided the fbi for the basis of surveilling carter page? and basically what we learned due to this memo that
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christopher steele's antitrump dossier was all they needed to issue a surveillance warrant, which clearly was a big screw-up. what more did we learn? >> so we also learned that -- that is one part of it, right, the dossier is one part of it. the interesting thing about the memo is it revealed the problems of the fisa application process but some of the other questions left unanswered are what are the issues for that and are their solutions for how we fix this moving forward? if republicans or anyone is unhappy with this application process, how will we move forward with it? you mentioned christopher steele. this memo also made explicit his antitrump biases which he is a human being of course he will have political opinions but the question now is whether not only was his information politically bias but was it inaccurate which i think is the bigger problem. julie: there's a sentence in the
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last paragraph that i want you to expand on which basically negates arguments that the fbi investigation started after the steele dossier. tell us more about that. >> the dossier is the big thing. it has antitrump biases in it. the misconception or main argument ahead of the release of this memo is that it was the sole basis for surveilling carter page. it was the sole origin or the main origin of the fbi counterintelligence investigation. but nunes writes in one sentence in the last paragraph that this fbi counterintelligence investigation actually started after the fbi received information about george papadopoulos who was a former campaign advisor for trump. since he has been charged in bob mueller's probe, he admitted to lying to the fbi, the administration, trump, those close to him, have painted papadopoulos as sort of a lowly intern on the campaign, someone who didn't really have a lot to do with it, but that line points to the fact that he actually was the reason for this investigation, not the dossier. julie: why doesn't the memo
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point to specific research by christopher steele? >> that's the interesting thing, and i think it's because -- and this is, you know, been in the criticism that we have seen thus far, it's only 3 1/2 inpages -- 1/2 pages, 4 pages pretty sparse on details. that could have bolstered nunes argument is giving a little bit more detail; right? some more information about the underlying documents or some of its research and pointing to explicit ways that he was biassed against trump instead of referring to this nebulous dossier that people are still kind of confused about. julie: earlier today james comey the former fbi director basically said that's it underplaying the significance of this memo. this is so significant because it obviously highlights the glaring problems within the abuse, the fisa abuse and why doesn't this memo address or even talk about the fact that u.s. intelligence agencies that collect info for fisa in the future need to change? this cannot happen again.
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it also begs the question, will there be any indictments? another topic obviously it's only four pages and they can't get into all of this, but those to me are glaring and obvious problems that i'm surprised james comey just thinks that's it, no big deal. >> well, the other thing -- the significant thing julie is how republicans are now turning on the fbi. whether or not james comey is there. we have an exclusive survey on our website today that shows only 38% of republican voters approve of the fbi and the job they are doing. and for the law and order party, that's significant because it shows they are losing trust in this, you know, criminal investigation agency that we have that they otherwise would have trusted but now we're seeing the problems within the agency, and that's sort of spilling out to republican voters. julie: i want to move on to the government shutdown as it looms, trump says he's going to walk away from a deal over daca terms, the democrats need to come to the table, the president has basically called them out saying nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are mia.
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why no word from the democrats on this? especially considering this deadline is just days away? march 5th. they need to come to some kind of agreement or we're going to have another government shutdown. >> what we saw in the initial daca and dreamers negotiations is that democrats are really lost and confused on what trump and republicans wanted on immigration. initially trump said these are the four pillars that i want if you bring me a bipartisan deal that addresses those, i will sign it. then we saw the six senators bipartisan, three republicans, three democrats brought him a deal that addressed those four things and he said no. now the white house has put out their sort of bottom line on immigration, democrats will need to come to the table and see what they are willing to give and take on this. it is such a contentious issue within the republican party itself but especially across the aisle that i don't see a way moving forward how they will compromise on something unless they view it as two separate bills, border security and then dreamers protection. julie: the democrats don't have much time. staying silent is not going to necessarily work.
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if they want to come up with a deal. they wanted to allow these dreamers to stay in the country, so the president had proposed one, but obviously comes with a huge 25 billion dollars price tag. so you've got the daca extension deadline on the 5th of february -- 5th of march and march 8th would be the deadline for the government shutdown -- february 8th. sorry about that. i don't know why i'm thinking we're in march. i think i'm dreaming it is spring. when we asked a fox news poll who was to blame for the government shutdown, because democrats love to say the republicans because they refuse to come forward and make a deal son daca -- a deal on daca, 32% actually believe the democrats were at fault here. now the democrats have an opportunity to stand up and make a change and do so before the deadline. are they going to make it -- make it? why haven't they spoken about daca? they have spoke so strongly about it and you can't make it
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resolved without going to the other side of the aisle and try to come to an agreement? >> they tried to come to an agreement and stopped by folks like cotton and perdue that have hard-line views on immigration that democrats are never going to sign on to. now i think they are trying to quietly garner more support for this graham durbin daca bipartisan deal we have seen in the past, maybe that's why you're not hearing as much in public. they are trying to get support in private. i think we should also look out for is the march 5th deadline you mentioned for dreamers. we should look to see if democrats are putting more pressure on republicans as that deadline gets closer. julie: we have to go, but thank you very much. >> thanks. julie: appreciate it. right now the latest of many republicans to say he is not seeking reelection. why the up tick in open seats? could the departure put the g.o.p. at risk when it comes to holding on to their house majority? hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really need... ...a sick day.
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julie: there are a lot more republicans than democrats planning to retire from congress. why? well, the latest lawmaker not seeking reelection congressman trey gowdy of south carolina who made a name for himself leading the benghazi probe. he joins a growing list of republicans like those who used to head powerful congressional committees who said they won't run again, particularly on the house side. where democrat leaders like pelosi are hopeful this year's midterms could turn them into majority party so is the up tick in republican retirements a trend or just a normal course of politics? caroline shively has more. >> house republicans are running for the door this year with their announced retirements more than double those of democrats. 34 republican house seats will be up for grabs this november. 22 of those are retiring. 12 are running for another office. compare that to 16 democrats who are leaving of those they are split 50/50 on retirements and running for other positions.
2:19 am
the total is more than twice the normal dropout rate, according to roll call since 1976, an average of 22 house members retire every cycle. this year the reasons for the exodus range from sex scandals to poor poll numbers. members of both parties have been accused of sexual harassment. several of the republicans are also looking at the president's low polling numbers which could rub off on them. history also not on their side. a new president's party usually loses seats in the midterm election. another notable unlike the democrats, republicans have a rule that term limits the length of time members can serve as committee chairs. nine house republicans leaving are in that position including congressman trey gowdy who made his announcement on wednesday. plus there's this. >> congress is supposed to be something that you don't necessarily make a whole career out of. a lot of members are ready to go back to their regular life. >> incumbents have a major advantage over newcomers in name recognition and money raising.
2:20 am
so democrats are hoping to capitalize on the g.o.p. retirements to win back the majority in the house. they would need to gain 24 seats in november to do it. julie? julie: caroline, thank you very much. we should note that right now on the senate side these three republicans have announced their retirement. jeff flake of arizona, bob corker of tennessee, and utah's orrin hatch. speaking out for the very first time since he accidentally pushed that button that sent an entire state into panic, hear how the former hawaii state worker who set a false missile alert last month feels about his mistake. plus, charges for the man who sold ammunition to stephen paddock shortly before the las vegas massacre. why he claims there was no way he could have known what would happen when he made the sale. >> revulsion, sickness, horrified that this man would do something like that. probably one of the most
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julie: we are hearing from hawaii so called button pusher for the first time since he sent the statewide alert about an impending ballistic missile attack scaring hawaii. as you can probably imagine, the now fired warning officer says he feels badly. >> i feel guilty, devastated the last couple of weeks. it's been very hard. i was 100% convinced that it was real. no one said drill or exercise or any words to that effect. julie: and as you can see, people who got his alert also thought the threat was real. he said that he couldn't
2:25 am
actually hear the drill message fully because someone in the office apparently picked up a phone receiver which he says interrupted the broadcast message and that he sent the alert out quickly because he believed there was no time to waste. you got to kind of feel sorry for the guy. i mean he just did an interview in silhouette. anyway, an arizona man who says he sold ammunition to the gunman in the las vegas massacre has been charged with a federal crime. but he says there was nothing unusual about the sale to stephen paddock. in fact, you know, paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history and now will carr has the latest from los angeles. hi, will. >> douglas haig says while he did sell paddock ammo he had no idea what the vegas gunman was going to do with it. he sold him tracer ammunition which creates a flame after the
2:26 am
bullets fired which allows the shooter to follow the path. the problem is he didn't have a license to make the ammunition. he is facing chargeses for conspiracy and manufacturing armor piercing ammunition. haig said when paddock purchased the ammunition he said he quote was going to put on a light show. haig is an aerospace engineer who sells ammo as a part time hobby and along with numerous guns and bump stock, authorities found a box of unused ammunition in paddock's hotel room with haig's name on it and at least two bullets that had haig's fingerprints on them as well. >> none of the ammunition that doug sold to mr. paddock was used at all in the tragedy that occurred in las vegas. >> very very thankful that he didn't use any of the ammunition that i sold him. i feel terrible about what happened. again, i keep wracking my brain,
2:27 am
what did i miss? what did i miss? there were no outward signs. he appeared as normal as anybody in this room. very well spoken. very clean cut. very well-dressed. very polite. very respectful. >> the only other person of interest in the case announced publicly is paddock's girlfriend. authorities said she's been very cooperative since the attack and they have since cleared her. haig was released on bond on friday. he now faces up to five years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine. julie, as for the motive behind the shooting in las vegas, that's still unknown, and that's been a major frustration for the victims, for law enforcement, and for residents in the city. julie? julie: will carr, thank you. so in the wake of tragedies, our nation has seen in places like las vegas as we just talked about, orlando, california, texas and connecticut more businesses, schools and places of worship are unfortunately
2:28 am
having to seek active shooter training filled with gunfire, smoke bombs, and a life or death scenario. bryan llenas has more on this. this is incredible training. >> it really is, julie. it is one thing to be told how to respond in the event of a shooting. it is a whole other thing to put what you learn into action. as gunshots go off inside your office. inside the beverage distribution center in new york, 50 employees are about to experience what it's like to be in an active shooter situation. the company is one of an increasing number of businesses, schools, and churches seeking active shooter training as the number of these shootings has increased over the last 15 years nationwide. >> we want them to be prepared, know what to do, and, you know, we truly want them to get home safe to their families. >> the county sheriff's office says the number of trainings they do is up from one or two a month to 15. >> i think we need to get out of this mindset if it is going to happen, it is when it is going
2:29 am
to happen, am i prepared. >> in this drill, they will use live blank gunfire and mock pipe bombs to make it as real as possible. the drill begins when an officer acting as the shooter wounds a salesman outside. he manages to call 911. police are in route. hearing gunfire, the distribution center initiates a warehouse lockdown. >> want to mess with my family? >> the gunman enters, firing gunshots and throwing pipe bombs, shooting at employees who did not seek cover quickly enough. the first police response arrives on scene and they go towards the gunshot as the shooter fires rounds in the warehouse, the police confront him. >> shoot me! shoot me! >> a second police team treats the wounded and begins to evacuate employees locked down in their offices. employees are taught to run, hide, or as a last resort, fight. >> when you see the person coming toward you, with a gun, you really -- your instinct takes over and you run. >> you didn't know where he was
2:30 am
going. you didn't know how fast the response was going to be, so it was nerve-wracking. >> now three months ago, u.s. attorney general jeff sessions awarded a 5.4 million dollars grant to the alert center in texas, the preeminent active shooter training facility responsible for teaching some 300,000 individuals nationwide, julie, how to survive situations just like this. julie: bryan llenas, excellent story, thank you very much. a couple of big deadlines bearing down on capitol hill. why funding the government and finding a fix for daca are proving to be tall hurdles for congress to clear. plus nunes, release of a declassified memo alleging surveillance abuses by the fbi. so now that it's out in the open, do the details live up to hype? we will talk to one republican lawmaker. but first here's congressman's jim jordan's case. >> what you have in the midst of a presidential election, the fbi takes one campaign research
2:31 am
political document to a secret court to get a secret warrant to spy on an american citizen and they don't tell the court who paid for it. julie is living with metastatic breast cancer which is breast
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2:35 am
fbi abused its surveillance powers in the russia investigation. now, democrats call the memo deliberately misleading and in an attempt to harm the mueller investigation. and for his part, president trump says the memo, quote, totally vindicates him. so for more on this, let's get to molly henneberg with more. >> this is phase one of congress's investigation. this is the first memo. according to republican congressman nunes, the house intelligence committee chairman, and it focuses on why the secret fisa court approved a warrant allowing the fbi to spy on a former trump advisor. >> the fbi opened a counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign in the summer of 2016. that's what happened. and then they got a warrant on someone in the trump campaign, using opposition research, paid for by the democratic party and
2:36 am
the hilary clinton campaign. that's what this is about. and it's wrong. it should never be done. >> that someone is carter page. the memo says the fisa court gave the okay to the fbi to spy on him, based in large part on material collected by former british spy christopher steele. he was paid $160,000 by the democratic national committee and the hilary clinton campaign via a law firm and a research firm to dig up dirt on trump's ties to russia. the memo says, quote, neither the initial application to surveil page they are talking about there in october 2016 nor any of the renewals disclose or reference the role of the dnc, clinton campaign or any party or campaign in funding steele's efforts. even though the political origins of the steele dossier were then known to senior doj and fbi officials. democrats dispute the significance of the steele dossier and say it was not the basis for the warrant being
2:37 am
approved. >> you set up this brilliant argument that says, you know, the dossier you know was the key to it and the justice department didn't disclose this. the flaw is that the dossier was not the key or did not have hardly anything to do with the getting of the warrant against carter page. >> but congressman nunes suggests that the fbi would never have gotten permission to surveil carter page without the steele dossier. julie? julie: molly henneberg, thank you very much. let's dig deeper into this. let's bring in republican congressman paul mitchell of michigan. he is also a house -- member of the house oversight committee and a freshman representative to the g.o.p. house leadership. thank you congressman for talking to us tonight. >> good evening. >> i want your reaction to the memo. >> i think the memo is really disconcerting. that's why i supported releasing it to the american people, that they should review it. i think it represents some fundamental flaws in the fisa process and in my opinion senior
2:38 am
people in the department of justice in the fbi it was either negligence, incompetence or intent that they pursue a fisa warrant under false pretenses to be blunt. julie: in a nutshell what you are saying and what we all learned in this memo is that basically without the antitrump dossier the fbi and the doj would never have secured a surveillance warrant. so who then is going to be investigating this? >> well, part of the corroboration of that warrant as well was stuff that steele leaked to yahoo! news that then included in the application for the fisa warrant. a fisa warrant in this case can only be issued by the director or the deputy director of the fbi or the attorney general or deputy attorney general and or the deputy attorney general for national intelligence. those are the people that have to certify this warrant and in fact as i said it is either intentional negligence or incompetence, but you are responsible for it. they need to be held accountable for that. julie: last night we confirmed carter page has confirmed the special counsel has not told him
2:39 am
he is a target in the russia collusion investigation. the president tweeting today that this vindicates him and clears him of the russia investigation. is this accurate? >> well i think all of the american people think that justice and the fbi should function without bias, even-handed, without political intent or personal objectives and clearly in the case of the fisa warrant, that isn't the case. it raises a real question for all of us about whether or not we have a department of justice and a fbi at the senior level, not the rank and file worker, that really do those things that we expect of the criminal justice system. julie: yeah, it just brings up so many troublesome facts, transparency, partisan bias. i want to play part of an interview the house judiciary chairman in his interview since the fisa memo was released on whether he thinks there needs to be actually a second special counsel to investigate controversies that went on during the 2016 election. here's part of that interview.
2:40 am
>> i and a great many other members of the judiciary committee called several months ago for the appointment of a second special counsel to do that and democrats should join in that because of the fact that after all, they were affected by this when mr. comey decided for whatever reason to publicly announce he didn't have to publicly announce it he could have reopened the investigation without publicly announcing a week or ten days before the election that he was doing so. julie: he makes such a great point. will the democrats get on board? will they want an investigation because let's remember, everybody hated james comey, the democrats hated him. they said he cost hilary clinton the election. she wrote about it in her book. he cost her the election. and then we find out that the fbi actually withheld information about hillary's e-mails being sent from a private server for about a month before they actually came out. so are the democrats going to want to get on board and want answers? >> i have to tell you i'm a little pessimistic that the democrats will get on board on this one. i think that they believe that anything that raises questions with the conduct of the fbi or
2:41 am
the department of justice against senior folks raises questions on other investigations and they are very much to the idea that they want to pursue in any way shape or form russian collusion and anything that may endanger that for them, they want no part of. which is unfortunate because i think the american people just want to know the truth. they want transparency. and i think we owe it to them. julie: the former special assistant to a former fbi director james comey wrote in the new york times op-ed today, he's resigning because political operatives are weaponizing their disagreement in a particular investigation to undermine the credibility of the entire institution. he goes on to say this these kinds of attacks by powerful people go beyond mere criticism. they could destroy the institution. although those critics revisionist supporters claim their ire is reserved for institutional leadership and not the rank and file it is the fbi agent on the street who will most be severely affected as public support for law enforcement is sacrificed for
2:42 am
partisan gain. it is a very disturbing fact. nonetheless, there are good people within the fbi. it is important to point that out tonight. but there are also bad people. who is going to govern them? >> julie, my oldest son is a police officer. so i absolutely support law enforcement. rank and file all the way -- i support them. my youngest son again is one. the reality is the information that was used to pursue this warrant in my opinion could not have been used by my son as a detective to secure a warrant in the local police department but it was used for surveillance of a presidential campaign. think about the difference of that. when you talk about weaponizing something, people with political beliefs in my opinion weaponize the department of justice, weaponize the fbi and they need to be held accountable. transparency doesn't weaken an agency. it puts trust back in the american people in the department of justice and the fbi and we need that transparency. julie: literally two minutes ago
2:43 am
president trump just tweeted the four page memo released friday reports the disturbing fact about how the fbi and fisa appear to have been used to influence the 2016 election and its aftermath. the fbi failed to inform the fisa court that the clinton campaign had funded the dossier. your reaction? >> well, i think it is pretty clear from the memo and information that we have received that the fbi did fail to advise the fisa court about the origins of that dossier. and again i will state, the fbi director, deputy director and the department of justice, attorney general, deputy attorney general had to certify what's in those fisa warrants. they are responsible for it. they are responsible for the content in saying it is truthful and accurate and complete. if you fail to disclose information that's relevant, it is in fact providing information that's false. julie: yeah, false information. and then somehow obtaining a warrant. that normally doesn't fly in the criminal system, so then why did it happen in washington? that is the government oversight which obviously needs to be addressed. >> i agree. julie: that's all the time we have.
2:44 am
congressman paul mitchell. thank you very much. >> thank you. have a good night. julie: good night to you. the trump administration accused of abusing its power in a blue state to keep businesses from hiring on undocumented workers. the tactic they are using and how lawmakers are responding. we will tell you. plus it is super bowl eve in minnesota. a chilly one. how fans are revelling in the gridiron glory. even if they don't have a ticket. that by the way costs thousands of dollars. ♪ mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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julie: protesters rallying outside the office of immigration and customs enforcement in san francisco. this was the scene friday after the agency sent audit notices to dozens of businesses as part of a crackdown against the hiring of undocumented workers. businesses have three days to comply or they could face criminal prosecution. california democrats suggesting the trump administration has a vendetta against their state. i.c.e. issuing a statement saying it is focused on protecting jobs for american workers and strengthening national security. we're just hours away -- -- from the big kick off of the super bowl between the eagles and patriots. while fans will be shelling out an average of $6100 for a ticket. look, just get a big television screen. doing get it. -- i don't get it. there's plenty of activities
2:49 am
beyond the game that could make it worth their while. for more on that, let's go to rick leventhal in minneapolis with more. you get to watch this game for free. i know that's not the point to your story. >> i will be working. julie: yeah, you will be working. what's the weather like by the way? toasty? [laughter] >> it is a balmy 14 degrees right now. [laughter] >> but the mercury is about to drop like a block of ice, negative 4 by 9:00 tomorrow morning. tomorrow's high, 5 degrees. it will be 70 plus degrees inside u.s. bank stadium so the fans will be nice and toasty, but not so much for law enforcement. some 3,000 local state and federal officers and agents gathered here to protect the super bowl this year. many of them will have to get warming breaks during their shifts tomorrow because it will be so frigid outside. the fbi among the 100 plus agencies here. of course they are handling the intel and counterterrorism efforts in coordination with all those other agencies. the game has a level one special event assessment rating because
2:50 am
of its international and national significance. they have had a template they have perfected over the years to protect the super bowl. of course they have to adjust it depending on the city and the venue. >> you take the basic template, the experiences, the best practices from the previous, you know, cities that have hosted it. you bring that in as a starting point. of course you have always got the local, you know, nuances, you know, the local things in our case, you know, our facilities are substantially in, you know, in an urban environment, you know, as compared to houston last year where it was kind of on a separate campus. >> of course we are in minnesota, and as we all know, the vikings were just one win away from becoming the first home team in super bowl history so, i had to ask the vikings owner about that. >> there's a certain bittersweet nature to this week, but we're proud of our football team, and our team had a great season, but at the same hand -- on the other hand, rather, we're turning our looks now to hosting the super bowl and this community has
2:51 am
really stepped up. can't wait for the world to see u.s. bank stadium. >> he wouldn't say who he's rooting for, just that he's rooting for a great game. julie? julie: that's a very diplomatic answer. all right. thank you very much, rick. >> indeed. julie: stay right there. we will be right [man] woah. ugh, i don't have my wallet, so - [girl 1] perfect! you can send a digital payment. [man] uhh, i don't have one of those payment apps. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right? [man] i have wells fargo. [girl 3] perfect! then you should have zelle! [man] perfect. [girls] perfect! [vo] the number one mobile banking app just got better. [man] does your coach use zelle, too? [boy] of course! [vo] another way we're building better every day.
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julie: talk about a big day. archaeologists in e jept -- in egypt unveiling a new tomb. it's set to be the resting place for an ancient priestess who was an acquaintance of the pharaoh. localists are hoping to it bring more tourists. >> it is believed to be the tomb
2:55 am
of a woman who was an acquaintance of the pharaoh senior member of the egyptian royal court. the archaeologists say it dates back to the fifth dynasty, 4400 years ago to 2400 bc. they didn't find a mummy. they say that could have been stolen. they didn't find any gold, but they did find several wall paintings where you can see her in various scenes where ancient egyptians are hunting and fishing. is it a big find? absolutely. there aren't very many of these finds happening. normally when we think of egypt, we think of the pyramids. this is in the sand. that said the archaeologists aren't hiding this, not many tourists are going to egypt these days and they are hoping this find and the announcement of it will generate more people coming to the country. fox news, london.
2:56 am
julie: an extreme stunt taking place in minnesota. that includes a snowmobile, a mall, and a bunch of people. we will show you what happened next. . .
2:57 am
2:58 am
july around it's not all about the super bowl in minneapolis this weekend. no, a snowmobiler pulled off an awesome stunt. an ariel flip over the mall during super bowl week. he gained attention last year jumping over ice. that's insane. ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
2:59 am
♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
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♪ todd: this is "fox & friends" we have breaking news this sunday morning. two people are dead. more than 50 others injured after amtrak train collides with a freight train in south carolina. this picture showing some of the train cars knocked off the track. the amtrak train heading from new york to miami derailing in d.c. that is just outside of columbia. happened 2:30 eastern time this morning. 139 passengers. eight crew members on board. the ntsb and red cross both headed to crash site. police will be holding a news conference this hour. and with that we welcome new to "fox & friends" on a sunday morning. ed, rachel, todd? rachel: nice to see you this morning. ed: disturbi


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